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Timeshare Resale Scam


One of the timeshare scams is that you get contacted by a "broker" who saw that you had your timeshare for sale. This person will claim to be overwhelmed with buyers and promises you to sell your timeshare.

The scammer will forward signed purchase documents and asks for your credit card number to secure the deal. They might even try and secure the payment by wire transfer. This person tells you the money is for taxes, title services, escrow, and closing costs. It will all seem legit. This person will make false promises about how much you're going to receive and how simple and quick the process is.

But, the deal will never close. This person has your money and you won't be talking to them again. You're still a timeshare owner and responsible for all the fees.

A timeshare scammer can make over $500,000 in a three-month period!

Lesson learned: There is NO resale of timeshare. Ever.