SWDT  will legally and permanently terminate ownership out of your name, FOR GOOD!

SWDT respects your confidentiality.  We understand.  We TRULY are here to help you get informed, and if you are ready to LIBERATE yourself from your legal obligations to your timeshare(s), it is completely GUARANTEED 100% or your money back!!!  

I'm sorry to say that timeshare ownership almost never has a happy ending.  Southwest Deed and Title was created to ensure that folks had a way out, and they understand how to succeed at doing this, so they can make an informed decision.  If you would like a No-Obligation FREE consultation, you may sign up below on the Timeshare Contract Consultation contact form.  We are here to help!



SWDT travels coast-to-coast to present at weekly seminars.  This option is nice because you will be in a group surrounded by other timeshare owners, you can relate to.  A podium speaker will tell you all about the history of timeshare and how the business has evolved through the years by showing articles, law changes, and calculations.  We will pull the curtain back for you so you will have total transparency into this hidden timeshare world.  Afterwards you will be informed and able to make the best decision for you and your family. 

The seminar lasts 45 minutes.

There are only two ways to attend one of our seminars.  If you are called by a We Care Associate's representative, we are in your area right now, and they will be happy to set you up with a reservation.   


Please arrive at the hotel fifteen minutes early.  There will be a SWDT representative waiting there to greet you and escort you to your seats.  


If you are able to find your deed or title, bring it/them with you.  If you cannot find it/them, we completely understand.  Don't worry about it because the representatives knows exactly what to do.

There is no obligation to purchase or buy anything; however, if you are ready to liberate yourself from your timeshare, this is where you can start the process. We are here to help you!

After attending the workshop you will be given $30 CASH as a thank you for coming.

IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND THE SEMINAR, BUT WANTED TO:  Never fear, if you weren't able to attend the seminar, we will bend over backwards to get all the important information to you. Just fill out the Free Consultation form and someone will contact you right away.  

What's next?  How will SWDT proceed with my case?

If Southwest Deed and Title takes your case, we want to hear anything and everything that pertains to your situation.  All information obtained will be documented and used in your termination case.

This is a hassle-free process, as we do all the legwork for you.  We will provide you with the best customer service.  You will be assigned a case manager to assist you with updates.

We 100% GUARANTEE to legally & permanently terminate ownership out of your name, forever, or your MONEY-BACK!