About Us

Our Story

Southwest Deed & Title was founded by two timeshare insiders that have over two decades of experience in the travel and timeshare industry. After watching the timeshare industry boom with their unethical activities and values, we morally couldn't continue to watch innocent families get taken advantage of...which led us to creating two successful legal processes that guarantees the termination of your unwanted timeshare contract(s). 

Our Mission Statement


We work hard every day to make Southwest Deed & Title the world's most trusted service brand.

Our Vision Statement


To get every timeshare owner freed from the financial burden of timeshare ownership.

Southwest Deed & Title

  • Is NOT a listing company claiming to have buyers waiting;

  • Will NOT prey on the financially crippled or vulnerable consumers who are susceptible to unwarranted promises for an easy sale;

  • Will NOT send out postcards allowing for our consumers to believe we have a buyer for their unwanted timeshare; 

  • Will NOT make promises to monetary compensation for the disposal of your timeshare;

  • And, Southwest Deed & Title will NOT promise the disposal of your timeshare with upgrades to RCI points or a vacation membership club.